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"PiroChimika" LLC (until 2019 - "PiroChimika" CJSC) is the developer and manufacturer of unique fire-fighting systems

Autonomous gas based fire extinguishing system for electrical equipment - PARABOLA
- intended for localization and extinguishing of fires of classes A (burning of solids), B (burning of liquid substances), as well as fires in electrical equipment under voltage (class E)
- recommended to be used for protection of equipment with inner volume from 0.03 to 2.2 m3, such as electrical boxes under voltage, small-sized chests, automation panels, switchboards with high-voltage equipment up to 10.000 V
Autonomous gas based fire extinguishing system for engine compartments - PODKOVA and KS-PRO

- intended to protect engine containing volumes of up to 2.2 m3 with a leakage parameter of up to 0.5 m-1

- recommended for use to protect engine and other fire hazardous technological compartments of vehicles

- can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with a forced and/or automatic start system
Autonomous gas fire extinguishing systems for electric sockets and cable channels - HYPERBOLA
- recommended to be used for protection volumes of up to 0.2 l with a leakage parameter up to 0.2 m-1

- recommended to be used for protection of objects such as electric sockets (built-in and overhead), socket outlets, installation boxes, cable channels, corrugated pipes with wires

- applied autonomously, forced start is not provided
Forced start system for gas based fire extinguishing systems PARABOLA, PARABOLA KS-PRO, PODKOVA
- intended for remote forced start of autonomous gas based fire extinguishing systems "Parabola" and "PODKOVA"

- used in cases when it is required to start the fire extinguishing process manually by the operator or from a signal of complex automatic fire extinguishing system
Self-rescuer gel based fire-extinguishing cape - MANTOS
- intended for extinguish class A and B fires in the initial stage, as well as extinguish burning clothes on the human body

- could be used in cases when fires are resulting from leakage of fuel and other flammable liquids in the engine compartment, components and assemblies of vehicles

- recommended for use in crowded places, at social and transport facilities, as well as in the outfit of emergency response service
Gas based fire extinguishing module - MURAWAY
- intended for extinguishing fires of various substances, the combustion of which cannot occur without oxygen access, fires on electrified railway and public transport, electrical equipment under voltage up to 10,000 V, fires in museums, art galleries and archives, offices, residential sector

- could be used autonomously as well was as a part of fire alarm automatics;

- generally intended fro fire protection of the volumes up to 50 м 3, but could be combinet into multimodule system, which can provides the protection of any volume.
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